Sunday, May 31, 2009

Seminary Graduation Maui Style!

How is it possible that Camille is old enough to graduate Seminary? I know I haven't aged any soooo . . .She must be aging at a faster pace than me! Yeah, that's it!

"Holy Cow! Look at all my goodies!"

The Young Women from the Pukalani Ward (that's our ward) made those beautiful pink leis for Camille and Keeley. They're made of plumeria flowers! I'm so glad they did. I thought Camille would just have the one lei from us! But nooooo - she had MANY leis . . . flower leis, candy leis, crocheted leis . . . *sigh*

This is Camille with Keeley

Camille and her good friend Alex (she's in the Makawao Ward)

These Tongan girls had so many leis that they couldn't put them all on. They were stacked as high as they could go, then draped down their arms! And that beautiful lei with the white, yellow, red and green is a Tongan lei - they are gorgeous and very ornate. When we have Stake Conference they usually have those for our Stake Presidency.

We are very proud to be her parents! Isn't she beautiful?!

This is Sister Hee, her Seminary teacher. She's also in our ward. We love her! A huge THANK YOU to her for putting up with Camille and the early morning seminary!

Now on to the next graduation! THE graduation . . . from King Kekaulike High School!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Feelin' Groovy!

Camille can complain all she wants about the move to Hawaii. But if we hadn't, she would not have been in drama. The drama department at Bingham High School was always too full. And it seemed you needed a drama degree already to make the cut. So we'll just count our blessings and be grateful that she was able to join the drama department here.
They recently put on a play, "Groovy"! When Camille auditioned, she had her eye on a part from the beginning, the fashion designer from London, Miss Mary Quaint. For a girl who speaks in a British accent for the fun of it - why not? So she whipped out the accent and went for it. Before the teacher had decided on any of the other parts, he had cast her in the part of Miss Mary Quaint! YEA!!! She got the part she wanted. We were very proud. She did a great job!

The drama queen!