Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random Thoughts

Random thought #1

I recently added a map at the bottom of this blog that tracks the locations of people who have visited this site. I find it interesting to see locations like Alaska because I don't know anyone there . . . I don't think. (waving my hand, "Hi people in Alaska!" or any other part of the world!)

And as you can see, I haven't been very good at updating my posts. Sorry . . . I just don't have much to say, and yet - my head is always full of . . . something! I'm always totally disappointed when the blogs I read daily aren't updated and here I am going months on end without updating. Not a single peep! I will try to do better.

I'm sort of a blog junkie myself. I have a daily routine of sorts. You see that list of blogs to the right of my screen over there? Each morning when I get to work, after turning on my computer, letting my emails load - returning said emails, I bring up my blog and go down my list (especially the ones with buttons!). It just makes me happy reading these blogs. Mostly because they are living my dream. They seem to have it all figured out. They make me want to quit my job and follow my dreams . . .

So I sit here and daydream for a while trying to figure out how I can do just that! Then I try to focus on getting some work done.

Random thought #2

I think I may be going through my 'mid-life crisis'! I'm serious. When I was younger and people would talk about men in their 40's having a mid-life crisis and going out to by some hot, red sports car, dumping their wives for a younger model, etc., I couldn't for the life of me figure out what their problem was. Why would they do something that seemed so out of the ordinary. Take a left turn from your current life, out of the blue.

Here I am at the ripe ol' age of 43 and I totally get it now. They are mourning the loss of their youth! Then they go and try to do anything within their power to hold on to it! (i.e. buy a hot new car that makes them feel like they're in high school again or date a younger person)

Don't get me wrong - I have no plans to buy a sports car or leave my husband for a younger model! That's just ridiculous! But I will say that I am HATING getting older. It's not the age, the actual # that bothers me. Heck, I really haven't pinpointed what it is exactly. But I have a few ideas. Here's a few:

1. I miss my high-school, skinny, toned body!

2. I no longer feel like I have any rhythm or ability to dance. (maybe I never had it, but I thought I was pretty good at one time, which makes me wonder if I ever could . . .)

3. I miss dancing! (I live vicariously through "Dancing With The Stars" now.)

4. I'm beginning to see that I'm not as cool as I thought . . . maybe I never was! :(

Random Thought #3

Does anyone know how to get a government grant to start your own business? I'm terrified to fill anything out online because I don't trust that they truly are government grants (especially when they ask for money upfront).

Random Thought #4

Would it be weird to learn the hula? I live in Hawai'i after all . . .