Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This is my cry for help.

I have an addiction.

It's a serious one.

I'm addicted to FACEBOOK! I can't help myself. I check it 4, 5 and 10 times a day. I used to be one of those people that was terrified of being on Facebook at all. I didn't want my personal information on the web for anyone to see. But because we moved so far away from all friends and family I caved in. I don't even remember the details of getting signed into Facebook now. I can't even tell you when (though I'm sure it says on my profile). But once I was on there and I started collecting all my friends, then seeing everyones witty comments. I was HOOKED! And I think it's getting worse. I recently had the funniest conversation on the 'wall' of a friend. This friend lives in GERMANY! How cool is that? But the conversation started with her complaining that this hot guy from high school hadn't accepted her friendship yet. Next thing you know, a bunch of girls from my home town that I haven't seen in probably 25 years, are talking about our high school crushes. It was a hoot. Then my friend changed the subject to Kindergarten crushes! And much to my surprise, her crush was my very own brother! HILARIOUS! But it got even better when she told me that they used to hold hands walking home from school and that he beat up another kid who tried to put his nap mat next to hers! I knew my brother was a casanova but I had no idea it started at such a young age! This stuff is priceless. But it doesn't help my addiction, it just keeps feeding it. I want more!!!! I want more juicy details from people's memories. Things I never knew. Oh and by the way, Dalene, Angie Shelley thought you were a HOOT! And I think it's time you share my addiction and stop using Katie when you want to chat with me. C'mon, sign in! Get in on the conversation about our school girl crushes.

It gets better! I now have 217 friends!!! TWO-HUNDRED-SEVENTEEN!!! So far, I'm still searching. I've reconnected with my old math teacher from Jr. High, Mr. Ribelin! To some people, like my daughter, that seems weird. She's never had a cool math teacher. But to me, he was the coolest, best, (and might I add, we thought he was the handsomest) math teacher around. What's better still . . . he joined the church later! (but if you're wondering if it had anything to do with the people in JC, the answer is no - they are too judgemental and well, not good at making 'non-members' feel welcome!) But inspite of it, he did and I'm thrilled. I've also reconnected with my favorite seminary teacher's wife. He's not on, but at least I can get a message to him that I thought he was awesome. And then there's my famous friend who's the hair and makeup artist of the stars. She's still too busy to drop me a line, but it's ok! I know I can drop her one and hopefully make her smile.

This is the place that I can gather all my friends from Connecticut, Vermont, Utah, Arizona, Hawaii and all around the world! Their all here in one place where I can say "Hey, howzit?". I can leave silly comments about stupid things that happen, and they can answer back! I love it.


I have another confession.

I have another addiction.

I'm addicted to blogs! And I know I'm not the best blogger out there. But I check everyone's blogs every day too. I like all the fun photos of friends and family. And there's the inspirational blogs I've come across that I'm hooked on. I think I need to get out and off this computer. But I can't help myself. I'm feeling an urge coming on to go through my list of blogs and then sign into Facebook and check to see if someone said something funny in the past 10 minutes that I might have missed! . . .

One more confession.

I'm addicted to sugar like it's crack coccaine! I think I really need help on this one. They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. But that just makes me think of sugar and then I want some! Where's those KitKats?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Grateful hearts!

We need to express a HUGE thank you to Scott's parents, a.k.a. Oma and Opa! First of all they helped us in countless ways during our packing and moving process. They helped us pack up into the wee hours and kept me from falling to pieces. They tied up LOTS of loose ends. But right now we give thanks for their babysitting the "kids" for soooo long. Our poor little furry pets couldn't come to Hawaii when we did. They had to wait 120 days after passing a certain blood test. It didn't help that Branford failed the first time. This of course, delayed them longer. All the dramatic details will come in the next post. Right now . . . all we can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH! How can we repay you? (and I'm not referring to any costs you incurred during the process. All of that will be paid back) What can we DO for you? Really! Just let us know. For now, we send you much ALOHA, with hugs and kisses! (kissing the hand and blowing kisses to you)