Thursday, April 22, 2010

If this is heaven, count me in!

We had the most wonderful weekend. First of all, I had Friday off - hurray for vacation days! It was nice to sleep in a little, workout when I felt like it and not because the alarm went off at 5:15!
We went to the airport around 11 am, went to the Go/Mokulele counter to check in and were told that we had to go to the Commuter terminal. I had no idea where that was. Luckily Scott did. Unfortunately, it was a long walk in brand new dress shoes - - - BLISTERS!! Ouchiewawa. I totally thought these shoes would be way more comfy for walking around in since they had a lot of room in the toe area. However, when you wear dress shoes with no nylons, then walk all over the airport, well - you get the picture.
But I digress, this is not what this blog post is all about. It's about having the priviledge of being present in the temple and sharing in experiences with dear friends that have become like family to us.
This is the Watson family!I adore them!
I first saw the Watsons sitting in front of us at church in the Pukalani Ward. I was mesmorized by their beauty, I thought each one of them was stunning/handsome. But that is not why I adore them.
Each week as I saw them in church, I was in awe of their closeness. There are 8 in their family. They fill up a bench . . . tightly. But rather than spread out, take up part of another bench, they CHOOSE to sit close to each other. They have no problem with being squished together. They didn't push and shove and complain. They were happy and smiling and affectionate. Such a wonderful example of how a family should treat each other.
The boy on the right in the white shirt (below). . . I call him my Continental brother! Yup, he was a flight attendant for Continental Airlines. Once I learned that, I had to share that I, too, had worked for Continental and how much I missed the perks!
We were instant friends.
On Friday, he went through the temple for the first time. I am so honored that I was able to be there for that joyous occasion. But it gets even better! Their parents had their youngest 4 children sealed to them following that temple session.
Words cannot express the love that was felt in that room! And that's not all!
See these two below? They, too, went through for the first time and were sealed in that same sealing session. They, too, had their 2 children sealed to them.
They are also part of our Pukalani Ward Ohana! Here they are with their adorable boys.

This gives you an idea of the true personalities of the 2 cute boys! They are quite active!The Watson children: Jayron and Jesse, (the two older boys), Amber, Ashley, Angie and Jevin.
The picture below is all of us hanging out in the parking lot of the temple, basking in our love of one another, not wanting the moments to end.

Afterwards we were treated to a potluck dinner at the Stake Center by friends and family of people that weren't even there. Unbelievably onolicious food! What an amazing weekend!
If this is what heaven is like . . . Count me in!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Weird Day!

Yesterday was a weird day. Not the entire day really, just maybe a few hours of it.

First, around midday, I noticed that when I typed on my computer, the words were typing in backwards! I went to Google something, and as I typed the word it was happening in backwards order. For example: Maui Acedamy of Performing Arts had to be typed in this order - stra gnimrofrep fo ymadeca iuam! And then it would be in the right order! Or, typing like I normally do would produce that backwards phrase there. I realized it was only online that this was happening because I could type normally on my email for work. I tried closing the internet and reopening it. That didn't work. I had to totally log off the computer and back on. That did the trick . . . so weird, right?

Then I inhaled a gnat! Right here in my office as I took a breath . . . I was on the phone with someone at the time. Thankfully I didn't choke to horribly. But still I SWALLOWED A BUG!!

This whole gnat or tiny black flies or whatever the <bleep> they are, is driving me bonkers! Here's the deal, for the past few weeks I've had these annoying little flies. They're about the size of a gnat and look like them too, but it's not a swarm of them like you might walk into during the summer outside. They only come one or two at a time - but CONSTANTLY! I'm not kidding! When I kill one, another is instantly there. Then I kill that one and another is instantly there. Sometimes I can see 2, but usually just one. But the instant I kill one - there's another one. I can't figure out where they're coming from. They aren't in my garbage - besides I've taken that out already. They must be coming through the wonderful louvred windows I have in my office. Not much I can do about that. But seriously? GO AWAY!!

Shortly after swallowing a bug I went to put hand sanitizer on my hands and the junk squirted straight out and landed on my boob! LOVELY! Thank goodness I'm the only person in my office and that it didn't leave a mark. At least I couldn't really tell if it left a mark - it was kinda out of my line of sight if you get my drift! ;)

Anywho - I'm hungry now, time for lunch!