Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Grand-Ma-Ma Comes to Town!

This is a very, very, VERY long post - mostly photos, of Grandma's visit. First we are just standing around waiting for her to get off of the plane. Of course she was in the very, very back, near the lavatory. So we waited a loooong time.
Finally! Aloooooooohaaaa!
Then we waited for her luggage . . .
And we always like to take our guests straight to a beach. We decided to take mom to Ho'okipa where you look over the cliff at the surfers below. She seemed to think it was just amazing!
My poor mother had to sit at home alone for several days before we were done with working and whatnot. But we finally were able to take her places and do the touristy thing. First we took her to the beautiful Pulehu chapel (the first LDS chapel built in the Hawaiian islands). Fortunately for us, it's only about 5 miles up the road. And I know I've said it before, but the missionaries get to live in that adorable little cottage in that back there.
Inside the chapel . . . the acoustics in here are so amazing for singing, so of course we started to sing "Come Thou Fount". My mother's memory is sketchy on so many things, but she knew the words to the hymn. It was wonderful!

We found mom a little hut in case she felt like staying long term! (This is in the Iao Valley).
Mom below the Iao Needle.
This photo was taken at "The Plantation".
A little beach time! Unfortunately, the one day that I talked her into donning her swimsuit and spending the day at the beach, I didn't take the camera. Oh how I wish I could have caught the moment she was plastered by a wave! Good thing I was there to keep her standing!
The next 6 photos are at the Lavender Farm in Kula. Very lovely place to visit. While there we enjoyed Lavender lemonade and Lavender brownies! Yummy!

We decided to spend a weekend in Hana in a cottage overlooking Hana Bay. Before settling into our cottage we grabbed some lunch at Hana Ranch Restaurant. These trees were outside. Those are orchids growing in the trees.

These lava rocks were right in front of our cottage at the edge of the ocean.
Scott precariously climbing over to the other rocks - though you can't see it, there's a big gorge he's trying to avoid that goes down to the water. Water that is violently crashing below!
View of one side of Hana Bay (taken from out on the lava rocks).
This is the view from our cute little cottage. The photo was taken from inside through the window. (the other side of Hana bay)
Watching the sunrise in the morning (east side of the island).

On the way home from Hana we decided to go the long way back around the other direction. Unfortunately, the water was not flowing for the waterfalls. And the cute little market that had the cute little goat, "Munchie" was also closed. But we did stop at this old church where we ended up getting a flat tire punctured by a sharp rock.
Luckily for us we had a shady spot to wait while Scott slaved away changing the tire!
The arch on the backside of Maui.
When back in civilization we stopped at the beautiful winery. This is a HUGE tree.
A little perspective to show you how big the tree really is. That's my little mama next to it.
Mom admiring these odd looking orchids (at least I think they're orchids).
And that's the end of this post! Whew - told you it was a long one. But at least there were lots of pretty pictures to keep you occupied!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Oh so divine! Oh so fine! Class of 2009!!!! King Kekaulike High School

The long awaited graduation day finally got here! I'm going to let the pictures do all the talking. You can tell how ecstatic she is by the permanently pasted grin on her face!

They released 9 doves for the 9 years this school has been around.

The chaos begins!
We are very proud of our girl! Way to go Camille - you did it!

Her friend Alex.
Her friend Leicey

I had to take a picture of this - you can barely see his nose! This is John Waikiki, he's in our ward. We were going to give him yet another candy lei and didn't even bother - where could he have possibly put it? I don't think he really knows who we are anyways.

Three generations!
After the graduation the graduates piled onto buses that took them to an undisclosed location for the big "GRAD NIGHT". It turned out to be at the Kamehameha Golf Club. They partied and danced all night long. She won a Da Kine back pack. We picked her up at 6 am the next day. She came home and slept all day!