Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm learning Japanese!

For the longest time I have had a fascination with other languages! I guess you could say that started in High School Spanish class. But back then, the only language I really had any interest in was Spanish. And it remained the same for many, many years.

Then I thought, "I'd love to learn Spanish, Italian, AND French! They are all beautiful languages - the romance languages!) Also, they are all Latin based. I could make sense of that . . .

Fast forward 25 years or so. . .

We currently live in Hawai'i. (no complaints here!) Hawai'i is a melting pot of different cultures, much like New York City, only the cultures are mostly from around the Pacific Rim. Japanese has a huge influence in Hawai'i.

Before I moved here, I never had any desire whatsoever, to go to any Asian country or to learn their language. It seemed WAY too foreign! I was also terribly challenged when trying to eat with chop sticks.

What I mean is, my mind could not understand ANY part of the language, I didn't know anything about their culture, and the thought of visiting a country when that is the case terrified me. Therefore, no need to go, no need to learn.

It turns out that all I needed was exposure! Exposure to the people and their culture in a setting where I understood it.

Even after softening a little, I still didn't have much desire to learn the Japanese language. It was my husband who said, "Wouldn't it be cool to learn Japanese?" I guess he's always had a desire to see Japan . . . he just never said anything about it until now.

One day I came across an advertisement for a language program that promised you could learn any language in just 10 days! AND, it was only $10!! I thought, "for only $10, I haven't got much to lose!" So I ordered the course.

I waited and waited and waited . . . it took much longer to get here than I thought. But it finally arrived!

Remember, it was my husband who wanted to learn Japanese . . . not me.

Well, I put in the CD and played the first lesson, when my hubby wasn't around. They first play a conversation . . . which, of course, sounded like Japanese to me - I couldn't make heads nor tails of it! But by the end of the 30 minutes, they replayed that same conversation and I understood EVERY WORD! I am not kidding you. I was so stinkin' excited!

I've only listened to 5 lessons so far. Sometimes I repeat a lesson so that I learn the words correctly and can recall them later when I go over things in my head. It's so much fun!

I never thought I would enjoy learning Japanese as much as I am. I thought I would have a very hard time learning it. Maybe it's the program, or maybe I'm more adept at picking up languages than I thought. Maybe it's just a combination of the two. Either way - I'm very happy to be learning this language and opening my world a little bit more.

*This post is just my personal opinion and I have not been paid by the Pimsleur Language program to write these comments.


MeaganandChris said...

Anzuru yori umu ga yasashii. Way to go! Keep up the good work.

MeaganandChris said...

By the way, that isn't a translation.

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